I love searching for the beautifully authentic moments that are tucked into our everyday. As a photographer I am privy to both the seemingly mundane and the most extraordinary of life events. I believe that your story, unfolding as we speak, both the big and the little, is worth preserving. My intention is to capture your history, honestly and artfully.  Really I want to see you. I want to see tears, runny noses, loving glances, and belly laughs. I want to freeze time, allowing you the space to pause and cherish the moments you were both present for and absent from. I promise to be as thoughtful and intentional with your day and our sessions as I would be with my dearest friends. That you would feel known and at ease. That you can trust me, knowing that the images you receive will be crafted with your heritage in mind. Did I mention that this should be fun... lots and lots of fun!


I reside in Denver with my wonderful other half, Peter. We have a black Lab named Guster and a large plant family (which I often struggle to keep alive). I love Old Fashions, thunderstorms, slippers and conversation... the kind where you feel challenged, known and loved. Fresh flowers are my love language and street tacos are my weakness. My most favorite smell in the whole world is my mom's sourdough bread, seriously. I  believe that at the end of the day life is about loving God and loving people. 

I've been a creative soul since I was a little girl. My early pursuits were perfecting drawings of rearing horses; literally 15 sketchbooks. Several creative outlets later, my desire for connection and creativity has led me back to my camera, what a gift!

I would be so happy to meet with you and collaborate on how best to memorialize your story. Be it a family session or wedding day, I can't wait to get started! It is truly an honor to take part in preserving your history .