Denver In-home session

Bed jumping, laughs, tears, twirling, little dolls, lazy cats and a seriously beautiful baby bump.  May we never lose our wonder. It’s all here, right now. Shooting families helps remind me that it’s all important and simultaneously very small. It's comical, dramatic, wonderful and all very sacred. I am always grateful for glimpses into this most intimate world. 

Katie & Ben | Morrison Colorado

Katie and Ben have a vibe about them where you instantly feel at ease. The kind of impression I hope to give to the couples I work with, they gave to me. Laid back, friendly and so willing to laugh. They were up for anything and their adorable Golden Retriever Jax, made it that much better. Enjoy!

Robert & Rachel | Estes Park Engagement

These lovely souls are getting married this coming May and I feel like I have won the familial jackpot. Yay for "little" brother's whom you adore and dear friends that become sisters! Seriously the best. Rachel is passionate and bold and Robert is laid back with lots of goofy jokes. My favorite thing might be how tender they both are. I'm already hoarding tissues for their wedding in May (for them and for me)! These two are so good for my heart and my favorite thing about living in Colorado. Now the trick is getting them to stay here!